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Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer

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No one should have to choose between gynaecological cancer treatment and their fertility. Donate today to help change this reality.

The Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer (QCGC) works with patients and oncology groups to develop the world’s best standard of care for people experiencing endometrial/uterine, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal cancer.

The Centre’s surgical trials have saved thousands of lives, and their research is recognised as world-leading.

Despite extraordinary advancements led by the Centre, significantly more funding is needed to expand this important gynaecological cancer research.  

A donation to the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer will save lives and mean more people with gynaecological cancer can be empowered with more choice about their care and be able to live their best lives following cancer treatment.

All gifts to the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $12,000.

This match was created to inspire and empower gifts of all sizes thanks to our lead matching partner, Cherish Women's Gynaecological Cancer Foundation, and community donor Graeme Geldard. 

If we reach our goal of $24,000, we will be able to purchase the first ever in-house tissue sample freezer. This is urgently needed and underpins all our life saving surgical trials. 

Every gift has impact

Supporting the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer will mean people like Jane can access and benefit from world-best quality of care.

“Your work has saved the lives of many women, including myself, and I think it is important for as many as possible to know what you are doing to combat ovarian cancer.” – Jane G, patient

“I feel knowledge equates to hope when life seems bleak. I appreciate all that you all do and your devotion to, hopefully, give cancer patients a better life.” – QCGC 2018 Patient Symposium attendee 

"My wife was successfully treated for endometrial cancer by QCGC Director of Research, Professor Andreas Obermair. Having personally benefited from the ground-breaking work of the world-class QCGC team, our financial support is a way of giving back to continue the centre’s mission to improve gynaecological cancer treatment both now and in the future." – Bek Park, QCGC supporter, 2023 

The Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer gives hope to patients and their families – help us to spread hope by giving a gift today.

The difference you can make

Your gift will help us save lives and find kinder and more effective treatments for gynaecological cancer.

By giving $18, you recognise the 18 Australian women who will be diagnosed with gynaecological cancer today. 

By giving $50, you can help more people benefit from life-saving surgical trials.

By giving $123, you will empower the 1 in 23 Australian women who will be diagnosed with uterine/endometrial, ovarian, cervical, vulval or vaginal cancer in their lifetime, with kinder and more effective treatment options.

By giving an incredible $500, you will accelerate our research and empower more people to live their best possible life after gynaecological cancer treatment. 

Help us provide the best possible gynaecological cancer care and prevention for those you love by donating today.

A cup of tea could save your life: Download our checklist today.

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