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UQ Union (UQU) Student Wellbeing and Support Fund

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Help us to provide free essential meals to students facing financial hardship

Cost of living pressures are having a significant impact on our students. UQ Union’s Food Welfare program is a vital initiative that addresses food insecurity in the UQ student community.

The program is comprised of our free breakfast program, Morning Marmalade, and the Kampus Kitchen, which provides free dinner for students in need.

The success of Kampus Kitchen and Morning Marmalade to date has made a significant impact on the lives of UQ students, but additional funding is needed to sustain and expand this essential program.

With your support, we can ensure that every UQ student has access to warm and nourishing meals, empowering them to thrive.

Every gift has impact

Shashwat Gupta, a current UQ student, explained that these programs have not only provided healthy meals – they’ve provided a comforting safe haven during difficult times.

"Free meals provided by the student union have been my lifeline when sometimes I struggled to make ends meet. It meant that I never had to sacrifice food for my education,” Shashwat said.

“I am very grateful for Morning Marmalade and the friendly volunteers who smile and made us feel welcomed.”

The difference you can make

$50 will provide meals for 20 students, easing their financial burden and ensuring they have access to nutritious food.

$100 will support the purchase of essential vegan or gluten free groceries.

$500 will enable us to collaborate with local food suppliers, expanding the range of meal options and catering to diverse dietary needs.

$1,000 will allow UQU to provide an extra 400 meals in a week through Kampus Kitchen. That’s 80 extra students getting dinner each night.

$1,500 will provide emergency care takeaway packs in crisis situations such as flooding, domestic violence or homelessness.

Please support student wellbeing this UQ Giving Day

Our goal this UQ Giving Day is to raise funds to expand Kampus Kitchen's and Morning Marmalade’s reach and increase the number of meals provided to struggling UQ students.

With your support, we aim to ensure that no student goes hungry on campus.

Consider a gift to the UQU Student Wellbeing and Support fund to help us feed students in need.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!