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Some of the best scientific minds of the future may be prevented from attending university, simply due to financial pressure.

You can change this by giving to the Future Scientist Scholarship – to provide support for talented students creating positive change in areas such as environment, animal welfare and agriculture who are studying in UQ’s Faculty of Science.

Special Challenge: Secure an additional $20,000 for the Future Scientist Scholarship by making a gift of any size! For every 50 donors who contribute on Giving Day, UQ will match $5,000, up to $20,000 for 200 donors.

When you donate, you’ll be giving a student a chance to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges and create a better future. Thank you.

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  • Future Scientist 200 for $20K Challenge: Milestone 1

Help us reach the first milestone of 50 donors and unlock $5,000 for the Future Scientist Scholarship!

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