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*The Queensland Commitment

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Join us as we work towards disrupting educational disadvantage in Queensland

We’re asking for your help to build a brighter future for the next generation by supporting The Queensland Commitment Fund this UQ Giving Day. Every gift to this fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the University, doubling your impact.

Your donation will support talented young people like Gemma, a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) student. Gemma grew up on a cattle and grain farm in Pittsworth, Queensland where her family has been impacted significantly by drought and devastating hailstorms in recent years.

Gemma knows first-hand that you can’t be what you can’t see. It wasn’t until her older brother Jeffery became the first person in their family to attend university – with the support of the UQ Young Achievers Program – that she realised it was something she could strive for, too.

“My brother’s my role model. If he could do it, I knew I could do it,” said Gemma.

Following in his footsteps at UQ, Gemma was awarded the Frazer Family Young Achievers Scholarship, which supported her to start her journey at a UQ college.

Every gift has impact

Through the Young Achievers Program and other initiatives, gifts to The Queensland Commitment Fund can open doors for young people like Gemma.

“After I was accepted for this award, the relief that I experienced was indescribable. I couldn’t believe that I could now navigate university from the comfort and security of a college that was only 50 metres from campus,” said Gemma.

But a scholarship means so much more to students than financial support. It means that someone has your back.

“It really gives you that encouragement that other people believe in you,” said Gemma, who is now pursuing her passion for genetics and considering a PhD in the field.

The difference you can make

Make a gift of $20.22 to recognise the year The Queensland Commitment launched.

Make a donation of $4XXX to show your support through your QLD postcode.

Make a gift of $203.20 to recognise the year 2032, when we hope to make The Queensland Commitment a reality!

Support The Queensland Commitment Fund this UQ Giving Day

Thanks to the support of generous donors, Gemma got the boost she needed to follow her dreams.

We hope you’ll consider joining us in helping students like Gemma to realise their full potential through the transformative power of a world-class tertiary education.